About the Author

Hi I am Linda, the heart and soul behind this ministry. My journey is one of unchanging dedication to the Lord, transparent in His gaze. With a background in Business and Human Services, my purpose aligns with fulfilling God’s divine calling. Beyond words, I find joy in graphic design and the written word.

Ten years of discipleship paved the way for over five years in the ministry of deliverance. God takes priority in my life, followed closely by my family. My purpose is fueled by passion for the Youth Ministry. Worship and dance are my expressions of devotion, not discouraged by the conventional during church worship.

The supernatural revealed itself in my life through seizures, becoming a gateway to God’s extraordinary realm.Each day is a testament to His glory manifested in the ordinary. As you delve into my articles, I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Together, let’s deepen our connection with the God.