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Let’s see how you too can use social media to your advantage and skyrocket your business in no time. But before we continue, perhaps you’ve read countless text on great key elements of social media marketing and it’s still too hard to grasp. We’ve made a simplified explanation in this post, which was carefully written to guide you to understand Key elements of social media marketing in a very simple and relatable way. 

With that said, let’s see what are the key elements of social media marketing. These are core subjects that are important for your social media strategy to be very effective. Which means, you can’t really be successful going on social media if you don’t follow these key steps.

The six key elements of social media marketing are:

Goals, Stradegy, Content, Engagement, advertising & Promotion, Analytics


 For you to successfully utilize the approach of social media marketing to your business, you need to first, determine your goals. What are the targets you’re hoping to reach with social media? 

However, you should note that having marketing goals does not equal your business goal. Marketing goals are important for short term cases like selling a product or promoting a service. Nevertheless, achieving these goals helps to bring you closer to your ultimate business goal.


In simple terms, these are plans and actionable steps you have put in place for your goals to be actualized. Think of it this way, if your goal was a destination, a good strategy is the vehicle that helps you get there, what would be the  key elements of social media marketing?

You might want to consider having a backup plan/ strategy in case of an unexpected event.


The internet and social media is all about content. Content is a very key aspect of social media platforms and even the web. So you need to constantly create content and use it in your marketing approach. 

This is where the idea of content creation and content marketing comes in as special niches. Because, they’re the only tools with which you can reach your audience on the internet, and successfully market your product or service. 

However, content is beyond just written articles. It is that, but it also includes videos, images, graphics designs, and even gifs! So what does this tell you? Constantly create the contents that suit your target market and connect with your audience. 

Speaking of connecting with your audience, check out the next point


this is what you should aim your content at, because it is what leads to conversion. Having people engage with your posts on social media is one of the signs that’ll prove your content is doing well, and you can therefore continue with your strategy. It’s your green flag!

So, you need to make engaging contents. And how do you do that? Try making something that your target audience can relate with and make them feel connected with you. That way they like, comment, or even share the content you have just created. This is what engagement is. 

However, this is just one side of it. You need to complete the other side of it by engaging them in return. Replying to their comments and messages as fast as possible. There are automated tools that could help you achieve that. Even when you are away, these tools would handle your engagements for you!

Advertising & Promotion:

this is probably the major reason you are thinking of attempting social media marketing, to promote either your business or product. Well, this is what the careful adherence to these elements would do for you. However, you could even create content for the sole purpose of raising awareness about your new product, reaching a new and wider audience beyond your current customer base.

Social media marketing is so great that you could launch a series of marketing campaigns on your page with targeted ads. These ads allow you to reach more people who are prone to patronize you. You could even track the performance of your ads in  order to make a better one the next time. That brings us to the last step:

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all social media platforms have their inbuilt analysis tools that you can use to track your performance and know where or what to improve on. It is so important because of the insights it gives you about your audience and each of your posts. 

There are also other analysis tools that you can use to track your social media performance. Some of them are Follower wonk, Sprout Social, HubSpot, Google analytics and more!

So since social media marketing is simply the use of social media platforms to promote a product or service, interact with customers, and drive website traffic. These key elements are how you’d go about it, step by step.

Think of this scenario.

Say you’re about to own a footwear store and want to promote your latest homemade sneakers and make enough sales before summer. That is your goal. 

Then you adopt social media as the perfect place to start your marketing. After then you simply drive out a plan to achieve that goal. Your plans could include the number of times you want to post a content and where or when you want to post it. For this to be more effective you need to find out which social media platform is right for you.

After that, you begin to create short written content that educates people about your product, you share pictures that give them a visual glimpse of how it looks, you could even share a short video to show them how cool it’ll look on them!

This drives engagement and people want to know more about your product. When you’re able to unlock this interest in them, you’re halfway there! What you now need is figuring out how to turn those potential customers into actual buyers. And analytics tools would give you a short insight on your content performance and audience engagement.     

So, you see how it all connects together? Simple, isn’t it?! Now you may be wondering why you need to develop a strategy when it’s so simple to just go ahead and do it.

Well, that question is answered in this article.

Hope you enjoyed reading our “KEY ELEMENTS OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING” article.

See you around!

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  1. Despite the fact that I use several different social media platforms in my personal life, as an affiliate marketer, I have not been great at taking advantage of the medium.  I do post, but inconsistently.  I have not been diligent in terms of tracking the posts.  Your article is a challenge for me to take social media seriously as a vehicle to build my online business.  Thanks for the challenge.

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