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Revealing 7 Praying Styles

There are many forms and styles of prayer out there from: Mental prayer, prayer in spiritual tounges, unspeakable moans crying, lamenting and tears, labor pains, exercise of authority and the submission of the spirit. These seven praying styles are important to learn about because it’ll help you know how to pray according to your needs.


Having a conversation with God through the mind is known as praying in the mind but directly from the spirit. The problem is that it’s easy to start and easier to doze off. You may begin thinking within, but can think about other stuff; which loses connection with the spirit.

For example: “Lord, I thank you for this day, thank you because I got this new job and I can now pay-(I wonder why Suzie called me.) Thank you because I’ve been out of the hospital for a week now. Amen.”

See how the prayer was interrupted by a thought? The way curiosity or a reminder interrupted? What did Suzzie’s call have to do with the prayer? Nothing. This demonstrates how the prayer was no longer done in the spirit.

This is the most common type of prayer out there but won’t allow you to try other styles when your mindset is limited. I understand that being alone and praying out loud may feel silly to you; as if you were talking to yourself or nobody. When your mental conversation doesn’t trespass your soul and enters your spirit, then it’s not about praying at all. Knowing that your conversation is actually directly with God because it’s done in the spirit is an important and main factor. 1 Corinthians 14:15

 Praying Styles
Praying Styles through spiritual warfare


Prayer includes practices and languages proper to the Spirit. Man’s fallen nature does not understand or know God. In His mercy, he is pleased to reveal the redeemer and save you. You are then born by the will of God. Because of the Holy Spirit; His own spirit is quickened and enters into full communion with God. He needs the spiritual language before his father.

This language comes from God. It is a spiritual level; So, it’s spiritual tongues. 1 Corinthians 12:10 and 11 They are angelic and given by the Spirit as He wills and are effective weapons that you can use in your prayer. 1 Corinthians 14:14

The Apostle Paul teaches: Praying in the spirit (in other tongues), understanding is fruitless; but the Spirit prays. 1 Corinthians 14:2 When you speak in tongues, you do not speak to man, but to God, and no one understands you. It is more effective to intercede in tongues, because it is the perfect language. Although by the spirit speaks mysteries, it is more effective to pray in tongues because it is the direct language of God; not even evil understands. Romans 8:26 and 27

Paul teaches that mankind does not know how to pray as it suits God’s will. Therefore, it is the Holy Spirit who helps you to intercede for you. That is, it is you spirit which prays with the help of the Holy Spirit; in perfect prayer. 1 Corinthians 14:18 Paul wasted no time; He prayed more than all of them (in tongues) he prayed directly from the Spirit.


That which begins in a burden, brought to the heart of the believer, is transformed into prayer at the level of the mind. First the burden is transformed to the level of the mind, then elevated to the dimension of other languages. When touched in another tongue, the will of the Holy Spirit becomes unspeakable groans. When you completely yield your mind and spirit, the Holy Spirit groans for you, and for all the saints. Romans 8:26 and 27

These groans are sounds inspired by the Holy Spirit that naturally comes out of you. They are inarticulate, not understandable. They are groans which spring from the depths of your own spirit, coming out of the depths of you, from your bowels, moving your whole physical being. They are unspeakable sounds that cannot be expressed in words.

It is the prayer of the Spirit in you. The prayer made by the Holy Spirit in a void totally given by you; to his guidance and his will. The prayer of unspeakable groans is to release something that you carry for other souls like empathy and pain.


Intercession is the prayer of a heart totally converted and consecrated to Jehovah: Therefore, prayer in the spirit is that in feels pain for souls and nations. They moan, lament and shed tears towards them. Joel 2:12

Prayer with fasting, sorrow, and tears demands this from you throughout your day. Therefore, now, saith the Lord, convert to me with all your heart, fasting and weeping and lamenting.

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The work of the Holy Spirit in spiritual prayer brings mental prayer together. Praying in other tongues, the unspeakable groans in weeping, tears and lament are very special “Labor Pains” Before giving birth to a child, labor pains are necessary to bring children into the world. Sensations in man and spirit; pains similar to a woman giving birth. Just as labor pain hurts the soul and is necessary to give birth in the natural world; just as the spiritual world Isaiah 66 Bearing a true child hurts.


Prayer in the spirit is a prayer within God’s authority. Therefore, it is a prayer of faith in Christ’s work and victory over Satan. Prayer in the spirit is a prayer made full of conviction from which the machinations of the devil are broken. It is a prayer in which you displace the enemy’s government and implement God’s.

Colossians 2:13-15 gives you the basis for doing so. Thus brought to life with him; forgiving sins, annulling the act of the decrees that he warned against you; removing it from the middle and nailing it to the cross. Stripping the principalities and powers, he publicly exhibited them triumphing against them on the cross. It is a prayer that gives you authority; prepared in the Spirit, spirits see authority.


This type of spiritual practice involves steps entirely of faith; as they are interceding for the unknown, crying and lamenting for beings we do not know etc. Hence, you must allow yourself fall on the wings of the Holy Spirit so that he can channel through you the power of God in prayer. Prayer in the spirit entails in itself that they are worthy.

a. It helps you to pray for strangers according to what the Spirit indicates whenever he convicts you to pray.

b. It edifies you and makes you grow and mature.

c. It stimulates your faith.

d. Confirms the presence of the Holy Spirit and His indwelling every day.

e. It is prayer to the Father in His perfect will.


  1. In terms of prayer type, I would say my favorite is the mental type.  I would say a prayer to myself and then a thank you prayer for a specific prayer, such as a job.  I use to say Thank you Lord for giving me the money for a new job.  This helps give the prayer specificity.  This will help ensure what I want from the prayer.

    1. I agree it is always better to make it specific. Like you said, “Thank you Lord for giving me the money for a new job.” Specify what one is asking for as well as being thankful for. I recall asking for very specific details and they were all given to me. When God hears us seeking his presence, he will answer in his timing. 

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