About The Authentic Author: Linda

I’m going to take you on a personal introduction to someone truly inspiring. I am Linda, the heart, soul and author behind a ministry that’s not just dedicated to a mission, but also anchored deeply in faith. This isn’t just about religious conviction; it’s also about a life that exemplifies what it means to live transparently under God’s gaze.

You’re going to find out about my background, which is an intricate tapestry of business acumen and human services knowledge. It’s here that my secular expertise meets my spiritual calling. These fields have not only given me insights into organizational and interpersonal skills, but they also laid the groundwork for my unwavering commitment to fulfilling what I believe is a divine vocation.

Don’t worry too much about misinterpreting my dedication as one-dimensional; I’m passionate about numerous creative outlets. Beyond the spoken and preached word, there’s an immense joy I find in graphic design. It’s a medium through which I can express the inexpressible, communicate the ineffable – all within the spectrum of colors and forms that resonate deeply with our spiritual lives.

I’ve invested over ten years in discipleship, which paved the way for more than five transformative years in the ministry of deliverance. Make no mistake, in my life God takes priority, with my family holding a cherished, close second. My passion radiates most notably through my endeavors in Youth Ministry, where I get the privilege to guide and witness the blooming of young, spiritual lives.

Worship and dance are my expressions of devotion. They are avenues through which my soul communicates with the divine, unshackled by the conventional norms that often limit expressions during church services. I’m here to help you understand that worship can defy the ordinary and embrace a more profound meaning and joy.

In the next section, ‘Expressions of Worship: Art, Dance, and Deliverance’, I’m going to dive into the unique ways I balance my professional endeavors with my ministry work and how these expressions of worship have become a central part of my life and a tool for deliverance and transformation.

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Expressions of Worship: Art, Dance, and Deliverance

Worship is a concept that transcends song and sermon; it’s a full-bodied expression of devotion. Linda, with her penchant for creativity, thrives in articulating her love for the divine through graphic design and the power of the written word. This isn’t just about creating visuals or composing text; it’s also about invoking emotion and drawing people closer to spiritual truths.

Ten years of discipleship didn’t just happen; they were shaped by intention and commitment. For Linda, this time was foundational, setting the stage for the blend of ministry, business, and resourceful service she champions. It was a period of growth, learning, and grounding in principles that would guide her way forward.

The path led her to over five years in the ministry of deliverance, where she has been instrumental in changing lives. In her view, this isn’t about simple acts of faith; it’s a profound responsibility that transforms darkness into light, despair into hope. And each instance of deliverance is a reaffirmation of her calling and her passion for serving others—especially the youth.

In Linda’s ministry, conventional worship takes on an expanded form. Worship and dance are not just side acts; they are her core expressions of faith. Whether leaping in jubilant praise or bowing in solemn reverence, Linda’s movements are a testament to her personal connection with God—a bond unimpeded by tradition or expectation.

Her approach encourages others to explore and express their faith in ways that resonate deeply with them. Linda’s leadership is in her living example—the courage to embrace the unconventional and make every aspect of life an act of worship. This boldness in faith-based expression is what Linda hopes to impart to her community.


Embracing the Supernatural: Linda’s Testimony and Invitation

I’m going to share something personal now. It’s about something unexpected that became a pivotal part of my life. I’ve experienced seizures that, while challenging, served as an unexpected gateway to experiencing God’s power. Through these moments, I’ve learned that the supernatural isn’t something just out of reach; it’s intertwined in our daily lives, showing up in ways we might never predict.

Each day I wake up, I see it as more than just a series of routine actions; it’s a testament to the glory of God manifesting in what many would call the ordinary. It’s these ordinary moments that often bear the fingerprints of something much greater. My aim is to help you recognize and celebrate these divine encounters in your own life.

Now, this isn’t just about my experiences. I’m here to help you with your spiritual journey as well. So I invite you to share your thoughts and personal stories. By opening up to one another, we can build a community that encourages and learns from each other’s encounters with the divine.

Together, let’s deepen our connection with God. Create your own narrative here too. This isn’t a one-way street. I’m genuinely interested in hearing about the moments of awe and wonder in your daily grind, the times when, perhaps unexpectedly, the presence of God became real to you. It could be a subtle nudge, a profound realization, or a drastic life-change – every story is invaluable.

So, as we come to the close of this introduction, my hope is that you’re inspired to look at the ‘ordinary’ through a lens of expectancy. Anticipate the extraordinary, embrace your own experiences of the supernatural, and let your life be an ongoing storyline of faith. I can’t wait to hear your stories and grow alongside you in our wonderful, collective journey of faith.