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About LindyMonse Ministry

Welcome to LindyMonse Ministries, where we usher the Kingdom of God into your life. The mission transcends conventional teachings as we delve into the supernatural mysteries of God’s Word, often overlooked by traditional church discourse.

Beyond mere motivation or transformation, we are dedicated to true discipleship, following the example set by Jesus, who not only discipled but also operated in deliverance. The focus lies in imparting profound biblical and spiritual knowledge, fostering a mindset rooted in Christ rather than limitation.

This ministry was founded by the Holy Spirit and nobody else. He spoke to me in 2017 but I never did it; though He continued to speak. However, I’ve decided to finally go for it. Below you’ll see a short intro regarding the vision.

Marketing for Christ

Part of my vision is to help ministries get out there doing the great commission. Therefore, we are also here to help you with this matter.

Please read this article to get a better glimpse. Marketing For Christ: Become Creative 2 Reach Souls