Consequence of Ignoring When God Unknowingly Speaks To You

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In this blog, I’ll be explaining what it means when people talk about “God speaking to you”, and the fact that there is a consequence of ignoring God’s voice. It could be a strong gut feeling, a recurring dream, or perhaps a sequence of events that seem more than just coincidences. Many describe moments of intuition, unexpected encounters, or passages from scripture that suddenly seem to address their current situation with uncanny relevance. When listening, means you’re listening to God’s guidance.

This isn’t about religion. Religion is doctrine which mankind easily made up; reason why there are so many. However, your relationship with God is all about faith and spirituality. Biblical scripture is filled with stories, from the burning bush in Exodus to the prophetic visions in various cultures, showing that this is a universal aspect of the human experience.

In my opinion, understanding the nuances of divine communication is critical not just for believers, but anyone interested in creating that intimate relationship with God. Now, what happens when these messages go unheard? In the next section, we’ll dive into the potential personal and collective aftermath of not listening when God speaks.

The Consequence of Ignoring God’s Guidance

I’m going to level with you: not listening when God speaks isn’t a trivial matter. It can lead to real, tangible consequences in our lives. Think of it like turning off a GPS while driving in new territory. You might end up lost, waste time, or even find yourself in a tough spot. In a spiritual sense, the implications can be even greater.

You’re going to find out about instances where people have faced the repercussions of tuning out that still, small voice or the gut feeling believed to be divine guidance. There are numerous personal stories of regret, of paths not taken that might have led to fulfillment or joy. It goes beyond personal stories, though.

Ignoring divine messages can have long-term impacts. Spiritually, it might stall or derail our growth, leaving us with that pervasive feeling that we’re not quite where we should be. Practically, it can result in life choices we later lament, from career moves to relationships, because we didn’t heed that inner guidance.

And it’s not just about the individual either. When communities turn a deaf ear to what they believe to be prophetic words or collective calls to action, the consequences can ripple through many lives. Social issues could go unaddressed, or a community might remain stagnant when it had the potential to flourish.

Take a moment to consider the relationships in your life, too. They can also take a hit when we stop paying attention to divine nudges. Why? Because making choices that aren’t aligned with our deepest values and beliefs, which are often intertwined with our sense of the divine, can lead to conflicts both internal and with those around us.

Next, let’s explore how we can turn the tide. It’s about fostering a receptive mind and heart. Stay tuned!

Fostering a Receptive Mind and Heart

When it comes down to it, tuning into divine communication isn’t just about sitting back and waiting for a bolt of lightning or a moment of epiphany. It’s about engaging actively with your spiritual practices. Prayer, congregating or worship can quiet the noise that often drowns out that still, small voice.

In my opinion, developing a genuine desire to understand what God is trying to say is key. It’s not always what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. That’s where mindfulness comes within scripture, being present and open to the moment, without judgment or expectation. Simply opening your heart for God to enter.

The call to humility is possibly one of the most challenging parts of spirituality, but it’s crucial. Humility allows you to say, ‘I don’t have all the answers,” and that can be liberating. It opens up the space to receive guidance and grow.

Don’t worry too much about getting it “right’ or ‘perfect.” Spiritual journey is personal and unique. Seek out communities or mentors who can support you in understanding and interpreting your experiences. Read, listen, and converse to expand your perspective on divine communications. Simply get discipled.

I really hope that you choose to prioritize this aspect of your spiritual life. I’ve found, and many others will tell you the same, that when you make the conscious choice to listen, the messages from God have a way of coming through clearer and stronger; with revelation. So take that first, intentional step towards a receptive mind and heart. Because when you do, you’re not just listening for a divine message, you’re inviting transformation into your life.

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Personal Experience

Back in 2008, a month before I came to Christ, I had just began to date a guy who was Muslin; if you’re from the middle east or Muslim, you very well know the dangers of dating someone that was not arranged for you; even worse, dating a Christian. I was so naïve and the innocence got the best of me.

I didn’t know he’d drink and every time we talked, he was drunk. He’d also hack into my phone and had total control of me. I spent horrific nights of trauma, Well, to make a long story short, about two years later, God speaks to me asking me to leave this man. However, I was so scared of what he’d do after leaving him; that I disobeyed.

Like everything that seems horrible, God turns it into a blessing; which he did. However, the path that God had for me to be where I am today, became longer. I could have done more things with my life the 5-7 years of trauma I lived. Instead of living it, I could have invested into my career etc.

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  1. Hi Linda, your article on ‘Consequence of Ignoring God’s Voice’ was fascinating! You did a great job exploring the concept of faith and intuition. It made me think a lot about why I should pay more attention to my own intuition and spirituality. Maybe without realizing it, I’ve missed out on some key message from God.. You always deliver high-quality content, and this piece was no exception. Keep up the good work.


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