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Understanding what people mean by “God speaks” may be difficult to comprehend; especially when you don’t have a relationship with God. Scripture says: “God works in mysterious ways” and these ways will be revealed in your spirit. Not in your pastor’s or mine. We may discern it, but it’s mostly important for you to do so; hence, He is speaking to you and not me.

Understanding When God Speaks: Recognizing the Signs of Spiritual Dialogue

You’re probably a brand new widow whose wife passed away while giving birth. You’re stuck and completely falling apart trying to nurture in your own way while holding a job. Then you’ve been told that the movie Fatherhood is a great movie for you to watch. You’re watching it, identify yourself throughout scene while God speaks through the Holy Spirit in your soul. “Ralph, it’s hard but I will never give you more than you can handle, this season will continue to form your character.” This isn’t a thought you had. This didn’t come from the mind, but from your spirit. God has just spoken to you, and you didn’t even know!

Common ways people report experiencing God’s guidance

God may speak when you’re out with your friends, reading a bock, listening to podcast etc. He doesn’t just speak when we’re at church or reading the bible. He’ll mostly speak spontaneously and when you least expect it like in a vulnerable moment. This can be done while you’re driving, maybe you see a billboard and it relates in some odd way. Or someone with a license plate of Texas while you’re in Arizona passes by, and just by reading “Texas, a memory comes, you recall an event, you call out to God. He may also speak through dreams.

Discerning authentic spiritual messages in your life

In a deliverance ministry, the Holy Spirit usually delivers through ministration. Doesn’t quite have to be through a prophet, but simply to your spirit and soul. Let’s say the preaching was about forgiveness and though you weren’t quite into listening to the pastor speak, the word “forgiveness” is something you freshly remember. The spirit of forgiveness may enter into your spirit when you don’t only disposition your heart.

Let’s say you do it knowing that it’s been hard to forgive and you’re fed up with it hurting you. Remember that unforgiveness also demonstrates bitterness and frustration. Same with other negative case. Therefore, now you’re grieving to forgive and the Holy Spirit touches you. He can touch you by conviction, removing spiritual blindness, your spiritual senses or diving you into a supernatural experience like the manifestations of deliverance.

  • Note: Deliverance takes time. You may be delivered from forgiving your friend, but not your parents. Or, you might have been delivered completely, but who knows what the next day will bring. Reason why deliverance should be a daily thing.

Personal testimonies and scriptural references to divine speech.

We’re not discussing the gift of spiritual tounges or prophets either. We’re just discussing discerning when God is speaking directly to you through the Holy Spirit. God spoke to all the disciples through the scripture; not just them, but others as well.

Here is the category of “God Speaks” and you’ll find ways where God has personally spoken to me.

Note: When God speaks, it’ll usually be through counsel, extortion or to edify you.

god speaks

Navigating Your Spiritual Journey with Divine Guidance

Practical steps to foster your communication with God.

  • Your goal is to build a relationship with God.
  • Treat him as another individual; except, he lives within you and won’t be seen until you build that personal relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray; which means talking to Him. Instead of talking to yourself, talk to Him.
  • Grow your faith by trusting Him at your own pace.
  • As your relationship grows, you” be most on the narrow path; which means walking in obedience within the will of God.

The role of faith and supporting personal revelations

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1

Faith is a topic I could discuss forever. It’s a topic I’m passionate about since it’s what I rely on everyday. In short words: Faith is trusting God, not just following His ways. Having faith is crucial for your everyday activities. It requires ongoing trust. You may slip at times, but its up to you to get back on that horse and ride it like a cowgirl/boy would. In every testimony, faith is present. The difference between a believer vs a nonbeliever’s testimony is that the believer placed their faith in Christ and not man. Without faith, you’ve got nothing.

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Mathew 17:20

Fortunately for you, we have all ben given faith of the amount of a mustard seed. It’s up to us to make that seed grow and flourish. If you ever feel that all your faith is gone, don’t, because it might hide out, but it’s up to you to find it again.

Therefore, are you now willing to create that relationship with God? Are you willing to grow your faith to hear his voice?

Feel free to share experiences you’ve had when God spoke to you. All questions and comments are welcome. 🙂


  1. Super article!!!  Faith and our experience with God is so unique for each of us.  Building a relationship with God and growing that relationship is a very personal experience.  All of us go about it in a unique way.  Some go to church and vocalize their feelings and opinions about God, while others can have church anywhere at any time and feel and be touched by God.  This is a great article speaking on the may ways God can speak to you and your spirit.  Great read!!  Keep these good articles coming!!

  2. I have only know the lord for a short amount of time but I really enjoyed reading this. This article beautifully dives into the profound concept of understanding when God speaks, emphasizing personal discernment and spiritual connection. It’s thought-provoking how divine guidance can manifest unexpectedly, urging individuals to be receptive to subtle signs in daily life. How do you nurture your spiritual awareness and recognize God’s voice amidst life’s complexities?

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