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Pray Without Ceasing

Have you ever heard the phrase”Pray without ceasing”? If so, what does that mean? The term “ceasing’ means to stop. So it basically says: Pray without stopping. Just as any verse, people take it literally. Reminder: The bible is never literal nor analytically understood. It uses metaphors and must be revealed through the spirit. If you try to figure out what scripture says, you’ll only come to the conclusion of your own perspective; not its true revelation.

Unfortunately, people take the verse “pray without ceasing” as: Praying without stopping; meaning, pray for an hour or more continually without a break. However, no. Do you really think that praying without stopping will be worth more than a ten-minute cry?

Praying without ceasing means to pray throughout your day everyday. Pray from when you open your eyes until you shut them close. It can be a 3-minute prayer but always thinking and in communication with God. Always keeping him in mind throughout the day; never ignoring him.

pray without ceasing

For instance, So I’ll wake up and do my morning prayer which is different everyday.

Important fact; praying comes from within. It is not a repetitive phrase nor pattern of words. Catholics and other religions do this type of pattern but praying is not about being religious. It’s all about being in communion with God. What do you need to be in communion? It’s all about connecting through communication and intimacy. That plus faith, are the most important things you should have when following Christ to live within his will. The rest will then be given to you as well. (verse)

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My own examples

I like to pray whenever I have a thought. I stop thinking and begin to pray. For instance: If I’m thinking about pie; so I began praying for all food out there to be purified. If I’m thinking about a school bus, I pray for all students to be free of all harm such as accidents, bullying or improper treatment. I also pray for them to arrive safe and so on. If the topic of finance comes to mind, I’ll probably pray for all income that arrives my way to be used within God’s will. For the income to be increased so I can pay for all my bills. I’ll probably add about tithing, a friend’s income and so on.

Hope these examples are enough to set the message of what it means to pray without ceasing.


  1. It is the first time I have seen that scripture from this perspective. I like to interpret it as living a prayer-filled life. We cannot underestimate the power of living a prayer-filled life. It helps us carry the presence of God. A consciousness of his presence is a consciousness of victory. Living a prayer-filled life is living a victorious life. I must say a big thank you for this insight.

    1. Praise God for his word.
      A prayer-filled life” 

      Wow… simple and straight to the point.

      Great way of putting it 🙂

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