How To Do The 1 Most Genius Time Management Strategy


“How can I plan my day?”

This is a question we all have had to deal with one time or the other in our life. It’s not an easy thing to fee suffocated by tasks and chores on every side. 

You could be one of those people multi-tasking doesn’t work for. So your solution is in knowing how to manage your time and developing your time management strategy. But still, you struggle with it. 

That is why we have brought this amazing time management hack to your finger tip.

We are in a world where everybody is so busy. And yet, somehow only a few people find it easy to get things done within a given time frame. Majority of us falls into the category of those that multi-task, or we just leave the tasks for the next day without considering such a thing as: time management strategy.

I have once been in this state, that is why I’m able to share this personally tested and proven hack you’re about to read with you. 

If you really want to stop struggling with time management issues then this is for you!

I call it; The Eisenhower Approach.

To get this right, let me explain.

The first natural thing for us when we have overflowing tasks is to make a to-do list. Still, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have some task carried over to the next day.

After reading this, you would discover how to manage your time and get the necessary things done before the deadlines. I’m so sure because it has always worked for me. Time management strategy is fundamental in preventing time caos.

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Let’s start to know this approach by studying the picture below. 

Now, in order to apply what you just saw above you just have to take some simple steps while writing out your to-do list. 

  • Write out every tasks you want to do in list as you do your usual to-do list. Then group them into major categories, namely;
  • The important tasks, and the less important tasks Rather put bluntly, the tasks that are NOT important.

Then you can divide these two categories further into four.

  • The tasks that are IMPORTANT and URGENT
  • The tasks that are IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT
  • The tasks that are NOT IMPORTANT but URGENT
  • The tasks that are NOT IMPORTANT and NOT URGENT 

Are you getting a hang of it now? Now let’s break them down. 

  • Tasks that are IMPORTANT and URGENT: 

These kinds of tasks should be your priority. They are tasks with clear deadlines, which have significant consequences if not completed timely. So it is advisable to give utmost attention to these tasks at the beginning of your day and see that you get them done before moving to the next category. In order words, do them first.

  • Tasks that are IMPORTANT but NOT URGENT: 

These tasks are important but not urgent for a particular reason. It could be just something that brings you closer to your long term goals, or something that needs to be done but not necessarily urgent.  There’s only one thing you can do for these kinds of tasks. And that is SCHEDULING them for later, so that they won’t affect your productivity or distract you from the current work at hand. You can set up a reminder on your device to help you put this to mind.

  • Tasks that are NOT IMPORTANT but URGENT:

You may be wondering, “Does tasks like this even exist?” 

Yes, they do. 

They are those things that need to get done but not necessarily by you. In other words, executing or completing this task doesn’t really need your expertise. So what you simply do is, delegate them to someone else. Preferably someone working closely with you. That would do the trick.

Time management in my hands!   time management strategy

Now, imagine you are busy with the first category while you have scheduled some tasks for later. And someone else is carrying out what you’re supposed to be doing in the name of “Multi-tasking”. Amazing isn’t it?  

  • Tasks that are NOT IMPORTANT and NOT URGENT: 

Let’s face the truth. You may start your day with pages long lists of things you need to do for the day. But not everything needs to be done. There are some tasks that are not really urgent, but not only that, they are also not important. So, leaving this tasks on your list would only distract you from your preferred course of action. Plus, they don’t really add any value. So it is best you DELETE them, ASAP. This is a major must towards learning “HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR TO – DO LIST”.

This leaves only three groups of tasks on your list. Two of them for you to get done at different times and the last one for you to outsource to another person. (Don’t forget a thank you note!)

With this you would find out how fast and efficient you could work within a short period of time. Leaving enough time for you to attend to other important things like your family, relationships and fun 🙂 Therefore, why not learn about time management strategy today?

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  1. I wanted to express my gratitude for sharing your brilliant time management hack and providing practical advice on how to organize our to-do lists effectively. Your article addresses a common struggle that many of us face when it comes to managing our time and juggling multiple tasks.

    The Eisenhower Approach that you outlined is both simple and insightful. By categorizing tasks based on their importance and urgency, we can prioritize and allocate our time more efficiently. Your explanation of each category and the recommended actions for tasks within them is clear and easy to follow.

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